Our goal

Our goal is to bring tools to projects run by locals and vetted NGOs collaborating with them to strengthen their efforts.

We aim to bring greater support and opportunity to the children striving to receive the same level of education as the children in developed regions.

Currently we are considering projects in Liberia, Afghanistan, Kenya, and India. We will also include the production of a short documentary film in our ‘Sustainable Futures’ Series.

Please join in our efforts and
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What we need to make this happen

  1. 1. Donations, grants and public support for our project.
  2. 2. Solar energy and water filtration companies to collaborate with on this initiative, who are willing to donate product, assist in installing the systems, and educate staff on the technology and maintenance of the equipment.
  3. 3. Airline sponsors to assist in bringing our production team to Afghanistan. They will be featured in our documentary as well as all marketing materials associated with this project.

What we will provide

  1. 1. Sponsors – Coverage of your product and brand. Mention in our special thanks and credits. Opportunity to join us at screenings, events, and press functions relative to this initiative.
  2. 2. Tax receipts for donations.
  3. 3. Invitations to screenings, events, and a copy of the film after public release.