We broke ground for this project in Sept. 2020 with the support of the local community who donated the land needed to build the compound.  The school is for young learners in the daytime hours and will function as a study center for older students in the evening.  

Approximately 70 students will attend classes in this building, with an estimated 600+ users for the library.  The building has one large classroom, teachers office and a library supplied with books and learning materials.  A kitchenette and latrines are also built on the property.



Currently young learners must walk long distances to reach the main school and risk human wildlife attacks and safety.  The school will provide a learning center closer to the village to mitigate ongoing risks in the area.  The study library built as part of the school will be an education access point for older students who often miss classes due to family commitments and chores like collecting water, wood, herding animals, as well as menstruation and pregnancy.  Having a study center near the village with light will give students the opportunity to make up for missed classes and also access learning materials unavailable at their school.

Going forward, we aim to oversee the development of student groups who can use the education center as a meeting point to develop local impact programs.

The Education Center was launched in February 2023 and named by the communities Mama’s the Samburu name of the Meyagari Education Center, meaning something that will grow. The launch day included program partners and supporters as well as the entire community headed by the Chief, Elders, Mama’s and children.

Support programs including a feeding program and water supply will continue at the facility led by local program partners and initiatives and monitored by econic earth.